Study Support for our GCSE Students

Induction Programme Aim: - 'Maximise Your Potential'

A highly motivational differentiated study skills day using ICT.

During the first week of the Academic Year all year 11 students are involved in a day of study skills seminar called 'Maximise the Potential'. Two experts in the fields of accelerated learning and motivational techniques deliver the seminar. Students receive a 40-page booklet that includes such diverse chapters such as Learning styles, Time management, goal setting etc.

All Year 11 students complete an evaluation of their study skills sessions, comments have almost always been extremely positive. (Copies of students' comments available if required.)

Through assemblies and PHSE study skill is revisited throughout the year via the Form Tutor.

Year 11 have a slot on their homework timetable where they are encouraged to use the techniques to improve their understanding of a topic/concept that they need to focus on.

  • Year 11 students are assigned an Academic Tutor with whom they meet throughout the year. Targets are reviewed and strategies for overcoming challenges are set up these targets may include applying particular learning styles, organising time more effectively etc.
  • Sampling of student's work carried out by KS4 Managers take place throughout the year to evidence use of study skills in a student's work.
  • Interactive PHSE days in Study Skills for Year 10 to take place later in the Year.
  • Study skills sessions pertinent to subjects are organised within the extra­curricular classes that are well attended throughout the year.
  • Study skills have also been used as part of 'Immersion Days' - intensive whole day subject training.
  • Some students selected to attend Motivational conferences such as the 'Raising Achievement' conference for Asian and African Caribbean boys.
  • E-learning sites such as the Guardian educational site all students can access revision and examination preparation tasks etc.