Photo: George Dixon pupil using the excellent ICT facilities

Maths & Computing

George Dixon International School and Sixth Form Centre became a Mathematics and Computing Specialist School in September 2005.

Maths & computing colleges' logoAugust 2006  saw the first GCSE results that are higher than any previous year at nearly 63% 5 + A*-Cs at GCSE. Specialist schools consistently outperform other comprehensives with last years GCSE results showing that 59.7% of students in specialist schools achieved 5+ A*-Cs at GCSE compared with 48.2% of students in non-specialists - a gap of more than 11 (nearly 15% higher at GDIS) percentage points. We also continue to have greater success at improving performance for children in deprived areas than non-specialist schools.

As a Specialist school we  have external sponsors, strong leadership and a clear sense of mission backed by challenging targets and partnerships with. The resulting ethos and drive is helping to deliver the excellent results we are seeing. Schools with specialist status receive almost £130 per student in additional funding each year for four years as well as £100,000 in capital funding to pay for new facilities and equipment to support their specialism. We have spent a great deal of money to upgrade our ICT facilities that are amongest the best within Birmingham.

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