Religious Education

George Dixon International school is a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-faith community which represents the aspects of Birmingham society in all of these facets. Our student body is made up of followers of eight faith communities and the R.E. taught represents this интересные места в Екатеринбурге mixture, wonder. The majority of our students come from Birmingham's three major faith communities; Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, with Hinduism being the fourth largest. We also have representatives from the Buddhist, Parsi and Zoroastrian faiths and Humanists, which makes the R.E. taught in GDIS not only interesting, but relevant to most of our students. The major religions covered in our lessons are based on the six world religions; Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism.

Their origins are spread over nearly 5,000 years with a chart of each religion starting to look like this;

Hinduism : before 3000 BCE in the Indus valley in N.W. India, Judaism : around 200 BCE with Abraham in Canaan

Buddhism : around 500 BCE near the River Ganges in India, Christianity : in 30 BCE in the City of Jerusalem

Islam : in the year 610 CE in the City of Makkah, Sikhism : in 1499 CE in the Punjab region of India/Pakistan