Performing Arts

Drama can play an essential part in the successful development of students' academic and social skills. It is invaluable  self-confidence and self-awareness. As an International school, there are clear opportunities in this subject for promoting understanding of others, empathy and the celebration of individuality and culture.

This is a new department whose main aim is to ensure that Drama is inclusive, with all students benefitting from its many aspects. On one level, key skills such as, 'communication' and 'working with others' are developed. On another, students are encouraged to use their imagination and initiative through practical work. This develops a more insightful way of looking at a situation and it has been shown that this skill transfers well to other subjects.

Students who are keen to perform have the opportunity to present their work. Workshops are also arranged with professional theatre companies and other specialists to assist in the development of specific Drama skills. A variety of courses are offered at various levels, (including BTEC which includes an element of music technology allied to performance), so that students of all abilities may work to their strengths.