Information Communication Technology

Information Communication Technology is taught from KS3 to KS5. Students have a (100 minute) lesson per week in KS3, rising to four per week at KS4. Cross-curricular ICT is embedded; Science, Maths and English have their own dedicated ICT room, as do many other subjects across the school. As part of the courses, students create their own multimedia presentations, web resources, complex databases and spreadsheet systems. The ICT department is very well resourced; there are digital cameras, scanners and video recorders for use by students, with interactive whiteboards in all rooms. The department also has a library of books and interactive software and access to the latest control technology hardware and software.

The school has recently moved to a BGFL+ connection. This will have an enormous impact on the way that teachers and students collaborate. Students will be able to access the school intranet site from home and view/use worksheets and activities written by the staff. Parents will be able to read important notices and see what is being taught to their child in that term. All teachers and students have access to secure e-mail, safe in the knowledge that students are protected. Students can manage their own desktop remotely and have space to create their own 'home web page'.

Current courses include; NC, BTEC First Diploma : ICT for Practitioners, GNVQ ICT and AVCE ICT. Planned courses include; Computer Science and programming, Diploma in Digital Applications, 'A' Level : Applied ICT and community computer workshops.