The department is housed in a suite of up-to-date laboratories in Ritchie Block.

The deartment is running BTEC First Diploma for the first time this year. In KS4 it is taught as a two year course and delivered at KS5 in one year. The two main differences between this course and traditional GCSE are; Firstly, most of the work is done as discete tasks, each with its own deadline. Secondly, whilst the course contains plenty of very challenging material from Biology, Chemistry and Physics, it teaches the student how to be a Scientist and how to do Science. So, unlike a traditional fact-based Science course, BTEC Applied Science also teaches students how to apply their knowledge in the workplace. As you can see from theis description, this is not a course for 'ordinary' students! You will need to be well organised, hard working and be a talented scientist (Level 5 or above) and love Science!

It is also a feature of the course and our Science implementation in general, that ICT plays a cental role in researching material, compiling information and presenting work for assessment. This is only possible through the use of our computer suite which houses 40 state of the art computers with intranet and internet facility.